In His Eyes

I saw your browns today In his eyes. I saw you laugh today In his smile. I heard the sweetest words you used to say Trickle from his lips that way. I felt your strength today In his embrace. I saw your love today Right from his face. I closed my eyes and felt your kiss […]

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Beneath the Shade

It seemed like such an innocent “Hello.” Your lips flush against my bark, O so still. Smooth dimples quickly felled a hollowed soul; Your hands, mouth moved against my trunk until One cautious cunning cupid flexed his bow As if compelled by Eros’ fertile psalm. That arrow jarred me, shook my branches low! You fell into my leaves, but […]

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There is No Shame in Advertising

For those of us who went down Melancholy Lane with Joan and Bette the last several weeks, we all remember that famous advertisement Bette Davis took out to show up her worthless representation. I can almost feel her pain. No, I’m not an aging actress past her prime (though a few of my friends my […]

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Accidentally Positive

The last several months, I’ve been doing a lot of internal work, and one of the things I’ve struggled with has been trying to find the good in some of the things in my past that seem to get me lost in memory and in melancholy. But, today, it happened. Growing up, my brother and […]

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