The Siren

The Siren, I

I remember holding you
Touching you
Loving you

The Siren, II

Dreams of laughing,
Crying with you.
Being with you,
Sleeping with you.

Those visions seem to flicker
As I look for you
Wait for you
An hour, a day
A week or two.

The Siren, III

I see a siren out at sea
Perched on a rock
Laughing at me.
Pointing a finger
As she sings to me …

“Love is a mirage,
Can’t you see?”



My eyes look past the aged, warped glass,
Where footprints pressed down salty grass,
For signs of fresher presence here.
Hoped quiet rooms spoke lies to ears.

I wish I knew the hour, the day
The Sun’s warm rays would shine my way.
I hate that Fates took you from me;
I pray, not for eternity.

When life’s cruel turn has done its deed,
With things returned to normalcy,
A candle burns toward the sea:
Let love’s light lead you home to me.