The First

This post is part of a blog series entitled, Memoirs of a Ghost.  For more information, click our About page, and check the bottom of this post for previous entries.

Phan Dancing

I had just created Phantom, and quite literally looked up “gay club” in search and landed in the first place it took me to.   The sim was made to appear like a busy street intersection – stores littered the bottom level of each mid-sized building, with each street anchored at the end by either a club or a larger store.

I looked both ways, almost out of habit, when I heard a familiar ping.

“Hey,” popped up in my IM.  “I’m Bruce.*  Interesting name!”

I turned around to size him up.  His avi seemed a little older looking than mine.  Brown hair below the ears.  A leather jacket.  Not really my type, but I could almost imagine a smile coming from his face as the typing warning continued in my box.

“Roman was already taken,” I typed quickly.

The typing stopped, then a quick “LOL,” followed by: “You’re clever.  I like that.  I was going to ask if you were just born yesterday … and it appears that you were.”

I nodded.  “It’s not my first avatar.”

“Hmmm.” he seemed concerned. “I can tell. How many do you have?”

“How many what?”  I asked innocently.

“Alts … I don’t really trust people with dozens of alts.”

I had to ask what he meant by “alts,” but once I figured it out, I laughed.  “No … I killed the other one off.  I’m just me now.”

It was true.  I had created two avatars in the span of the New Years Eve prior … the second one on the back end as I didn’t really like the last name on the first.  This was the one I had lived on in SL for the better part of eight months learning the ebb and flow of social activity and commerce in this new world.

I crashed and burned … and a couple of months later, decided to start over.

“You want to see my new club?” he asked.

The little quip about trust was a little weird, but the idea of a club intrigued me. I agreed, and within a moment we were inside a post-apocalyptic design he had purchased from a previous sim owner.  He showed me the shops, the exterior, and the club he was building atop the entire structure.  The club itself was an explosion of color, particles and spotlights.

He talked about DJs he was lining up, cross promotions.  I was more impressed by his ambition as he told me what he had wanted to accomplish there.

“Are you single?”  It seemed to come out of nowhere.

I blushed.  “Well, I haven’t really had time to …”

He interrupted.  “Maybe I can take you out sometime.”

I smiled in real life … this ambitious man, wanting to take SL by storm with his new club, somehow saw something in me he wanted to explore.  I looked around the club; there was so much potential.  I figured I could be some sort of influence – perhaps a moderator to the obvious excess, and assist him with marketing.

I swallowed hard.  I was getting ahead of myself.  All he wants is a date, I thought to myself.  Why put more expectation on something than there is?  Say yes to the date … you might actually get laid!

I looked up at him and nodded.

He smiled and took my hand.  “Let me show you something else.”


*not his real avatar name.

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