I Looked Up to You

I Looked Up To You
You were there standing tall there in the crowd
As I walked in with a friend.
You turned your eyes t’ward me and threw a smile,
You were so casual and carefree.
And night went on and on
You caught me with a special song.
When your eyes bore down ‘gainst my shallow blues,
You found me looking up to you.

Like the earth and moon go round and round
You completely pulled me in
I couldn’t think or breathe or make a sound
And not feel your gravity.
Then our world fell out of place
Like a force from outer space.
Though I lost my grasp, my hold, my view
I still looked up to you.

They say the days of earth are slowing down,
As the moon, it drifts away
One day this world will lose its hold, and you’ll
Simply have to find your way
Through the dark and lonely deep
To a cold and wint’ry sleep.
But when your eyes turn back to that distant blue.
You’d find me looking up to you.

Though some time has passed, and you’ve moved on,
I still look up to you.


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