Desolation Road

Desolation Road

You spoke one word
Our world was formed.
You made the Earth and sea
Where nothing was before.
The miracle of life was born.

You spoke one word
Sickness was gone.
One word healed blinded eyes;
The dead saw life once more.
The miracles of faith was born.

Can I ask one question, Lord?
Why have I suffered so?
Was I not the blinded man
When I called your name;
When I called your name?

Where are your miracles?
Should I have prayed for more?
Could my faith be too small
To end my pain,
To end my shame?

Where are you now;
Where are your miracles?
I’m not a lepered man,
But I need to end this pain.
Are there no miracles for me?

Where are you now?
Where have you gone?
Why am I here alone
On Desolation Road?
I guess … there are no miracles this time.