Phantom’s Crib

So … welcome to my house! I’ve been in love with Second Norway for a couple of years after heavy hustling from a couple of friends of mine. It’s not my first time to live here, but it’s certainly a pleasure to be back in one of the most exclusive community-based sims in Second Life. […]

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Watch Over Me

There’s a saying old says that love is blind Still we’re often told seek and ye shall find So I’m going to seek a certain guy I’ve had in mind Looking everywhere, haven’t found him yet He’s the big affair I cannot forget Only man I ever think of will regret… I’d like to add […]

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Lacquered Floor

I feel your arm flex hard around my waist Your breath moves heavy, hot against my neck. The lacquered floor reflects our love in pace; Alone, I twirl and land against the deck. I look back up at you with outstretched hand You reach for me and yet pass through my skin. Perplexed, I right […]

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