Phantom’s Crib

So … welcome to my house!

My crib

I’ve been in love with Second Norway for a couple of years after heavy hustling from a couple of friends of mine. It’s not my first time to live here, but it’s certainly a pleasure to be back in one of the most exclusive community-based sims in Second Life.

My Crib 2

Of course, Second Norway is all about its proximity to the Blake Sea, and the enormous sailing community that fills the waterways between each lot each and every day, but for me, it’s an opportunity to begin to make another home base after months of hoping from one parcel (or couch) to another.

My Crib 3

My two necessities in home design are making the rooms facilitate social encounters (without competing with them), and functionality.  As beautiful as they are, I have little use for kitchens and full baths … I can certainly appreciate the roleplay for those that use them, but since food doesn’t pass through my avatar, I just don’t see the need for ceramic plumbing devices that assist in its delivery and/or expulsion.

My Crib 4

In lieu of a dining room, I chose to make a meditation room for those nights when I just need to center, focus, and let go.  I don’t have enough space for this in the Real, so it’s nice to lay this out for those more inward and contemplative moments.  Oh, and I have a couple of extra pillows!  Come and join!

My Crib 5

And … at last … my boidoir … for a different kind of relaxing … and my favorite kind … cuddling that is!

Thanks for visiting my house!  NOW LEAVE!!! lol


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