There is No Shame in Advertising


For those of us who went down Melancholy Lane with Joan and Bette the last several weeks, we all remember that famous advertisement Bette Davis took out to show up her worthless representation.

I can almost feel her pain.

No, I’m not an aging actress past her prime (though a few of my friends my say otherwise), but I have chronicled the lack of success I’ve had at SL relationships.

Obviously, I, too, have had the worst representation. You just can’t get a good dating agency anymore, so at the urging of a friend of mine, I thought I should probably just place my own damn ad.

You know, in honor of Bette.


So here goes …

The Sportsman

FATHER of none.  American.  About 10 years experience as a host in Second Life’s gay nightclubs.  Several relationships under my belt.  Still flexible and kinky as shit, and can perform my due diligence without the need for knee braces and minty-smelling medicinal creams.

LOOKING for someone who is intelligent, sexy, kinky, witty, and who can generally match me inch for inch.  Dullards and morons can generally move along … if in fact you can even read this.

Interested?  Click this link to apply in the rear.


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