Beneath the Shade

The Boy and the DaemonCENSORED

It seemed like such an innocent “Hello.”
Your lips flush against my bark, O so still.
Smooth dimples quickly felled a hollowed soul;
Your hands, mouth moved against my trunk until

One cautious cunning cupid flexed his bow
As if compelled by Eros’ fertile psalm.
That arrow jarred me, shook my branches low!
You fell into my leaves, but in his calm.

Had Fates charged me to shade your other love?
To be your fool? I shudder to think what
I might have conceived had I been part of
This wretched, vile scheme! Mercifully not.

Thick sap drips slow; dries against this breeze.
O Love! thou Great Delusion! Release me, Thief!

(Click here for the uncensored version of “The Boy and the Daemon”)


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