A Year for Meaning

Last year, around April, I decided to take my photography in SL a little more seriously.  I certainly have a lot more to learn, but there is a distinct and palpable difference between the photos I took prior to March of 2017, and the ones I’ve managed to capture since then.

I’m a creative writer by habit, and so I tried to use that same essence to capture on pixel what I struggle to create on paper … a hidden moment, a secret emotion, a silent confession.

I make no effort to gloat, but I do want to recap the ones you all seemed to like the most, and I’ll group them by how often they captured your attention … in the thousands.

So, here they are … with no ado at all …

The Ones

After the Rain


The Sportsman

the Beach at Lonesome Roads 8


Get Here

Gabriel Speaks to Mary

The Nativity


Winter Shadows

Fall On Your Knees

The Philosophical Significance of the Special Theory of Relativity

Mad World


The Talented Mr. Ripley

Walden Pond

The One That Got Away

Love Can Win

Waldenhead Turned

Republic Family Time

Republic Family Values

Waiting On My Ride

Sweet Iced Tea

I need to talk to you about something ...

The Fisher


Waiting for you

Getting on Top of Things
The Twos

Portrait of Phan

The Boy and the DaemonCENSORED

Matchpoint 2

Right Here Waiting

End of Night

Nothing Compares 2 U

When You're Not Here

Happy New Year 2017-2018

Southern Hemisphere

How Does It Feel


Wonderful World


The Threes (+)

Beach at Lonesome Roads

Man Leaving Shower, Self-portrait

In His Eyes


Fractured Man


One Last Cry

Fireside Chat

One Day I'll Fly Away


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