Unconditional Love

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine and I were having a polite disagreement over the phrase “unconditional love” and whether or not it should be offered to anyone.  The argument was: no one is perfect, and conditional love creates a carrot/stick approach to any kind of relationship.   Will you always forgive a cheating spouse, […]

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Evolution of the SL Camper

When social areas in Second Life began to discover ways to boost attendance, they recognized that the higher their average traffic rate was, the higher placement their arenas tracked in SL Search.  As SL grew, these business owners realized that this was quickly becoming a mode of survival – if they weren’t on the first page or […]

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Love & Math

A recent facebook post by a virtual family member laughing at a post on SL secrets had me pondering about my own Second Life, and all those secrets and skeletons in my own closet. Luckily, I’m not famous – even in SL – so no one will really care what I did or with whom. […]

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After the Holidays

New Years Eve in Second Life has always been a special holiday for me.  Ten years ago, I had watched a news special about the then new and interesting virtual world, and decided to take it for a whirl.  I wanted an experience different than that of my experience as a gay man in America, […]

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The Dark Year

I had posted the original version of this a few nights ago, then retracted it. I felt it may be perceived as too emotional, too dramatic, etc. Then a friend reached out to me for help – help I couldn’t give because I was at my RL job, and once I could, they didn’t respond […]

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