In His Eyes

I saw your browns today In his eyes. I saw you laugh today In his smile. I heard the sweetest words you used to say Trickle from his lips that way. I felt your strength today In his embrace. I saw your love today Right from his face. I closed my eyes and felt your kiss […]

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Beneath the Shade

It seemed like such an innocent “Hello.” Your lips flush against my bark, O so still. Smooth dimples quickly felled a hollowed soul; Your hands, mouth moved against my trunk until One cautious cunning cupid flexed his bow As if compelled by Eros’ fertile psalm. That arrow jarred me, shook my branches low! You fell into my leaves, but […]

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The Station

Struggling now to breathe past the wall of air; Cold and blist’ry, I fight to face the east. Hope warms my veins; I see a slowing glare. Passengers depart once steam has released. Your face breaks through the air of warm and cold. I’m reminded of the joy your smile brings Your bag drops as […]

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All things end. Sometimes they end loudly, sometimes with a whisper, and sometimes without any notice at all. The neighbor’s 14 year-old cat suddenly isn’t making his evening rounds, scratching against your porch door anymore. Your favorite sitcom, in its seventh season, suddenly disappears. Your sweet grandmother passes away in the night. At one moment, […]

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A Glimpse of You

A glimpse of you caught me quite by surprise; You did not see me standing near the door. I smiled upon the joy bright in your eyes, A restfulness too hard to just ignore. That you have made your life apart from me, That you have found a love to fill your days; I toss […]

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The Cave

Awakened by the clicking of the clock I rise to see the passage of the day. The hands do disappoint with their loud tocks Reminding of the vacuum that remains. A faded memory comes and goes like mist. I see you dancing, then the specter’s gone. I stumble as I reach toward what’s missed, Then […]

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The Jeweled Box

The jeweled box of love and mem’ries springs Wide; clicking, glinting from the lumined room. The bothered dust doth make a mist of things; The air and I surrender to the plume. My lips move against your ear to whisper My revenge; hindsight checks my eager tongue. We move through that fateful week undeterred, But […]

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